Thursday, September 27, 2018

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Today we arrived in Pretoria. Feels like we’ve been on our way for days. The reality is, it’s only been a little more than 20 hours of travel time since leaving Phoenix. So, yeah...feels like days.

South Africa is emerging from a fairly chilly winter according to Pastor Julius. The weather was gorgeous today, the Jacaranda trees are beginning to bloom. Such a beautiful violet throughout the hard gray of the city.

We spent time at the church organizing conference materials and sorting several suitcases of reading glasses and sunglasses. It seems like more than we’ll ever distribute. But two clinics will make short work of getting them into the hands of those needing them. Better yet, two clinics will allow twice the opportunity to share Christ.
Before getting a bit of dinner, we took advantage of what was left of the early evening light and hit the street to pass out flyers; inviting people to come to the conference and the clinic at Hope Baptist Church that follows on Sunday. The streets are crowded; insisting our approach move from simply passing out information to creating opportunities for conversation. Gospel conversations.

It was a good day. So glad to finally get here. I need a nap.

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