Sunday, October 8, 2017

That's a Wrap!

Oh so sorry, blog followers! I neglected to post a final thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement throughout this Africa2017 journey!

The team is home and readjusting to life as we know it. But we are not the same. What the Lord allowed us to see and experience will be forever seared into our hearts and we will never ever be the same. Thank you for your prayers. We did what God sent us to do - equip, train, impart and minister His grace and His truth to those in our path. Now we pray that whatever seeds were planted, God will grow in His perfect timing. We saw the lost saved, the saved encouraged, edified and equipped, and His name lifted high throughout the Christian Community Conference, Eye Glass Clinic, and other ministry opportunities. Julius and Cintia and their faithful staff at Hope Baptist Church are serving with integrity and honor in Sunnyside. The Lord is bringing in the harvest through their obedience to His call. Please continue in your prayers for all of them.

We love you, truly.